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Q&A: Simon Jones, director Unreal Engine Enterprise

Video games development engine Unreal, has been the dominant dev platform in the console and PC gaming sector for some years now. And with the creation of a new division Unreal Engine Enterprise, it is taking its cutting edge gaming technology into business sectors and has already been used in a number of exciting and varied applications, including  the use of gaming’s current hot spot – virtual reality. We spoke to director Simon Jones, about the development giant’s plan to get businesses using Unreal to enhance their marketing and design….

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PREVIEW: Learning Technologies 2016

Gamification and serious gaming will be high on the agenda at this week’s Learning Technologies conference at London’s Olympia. The event will play host to more than 250 suppliers, 160 free exhibition seminars, and 7,500 L&D professionals at Olympia from 3rd to 4th February, 09.30 to 17.00 daily.

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2015 Gamification World Congress, Report day 2

Inaugurated by Jordi Puigneró, Managing Director of Telecommunications and Information Society of the Generalitat de Catalonia, the second day of the conference promised to be as busy as the first. This is a quick summary of the presentations we attended.

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2015 Gamification World Congress, Report 1

Barcelona, a clear blue sky, 23 degrees Celsius: all the conditions suggested a day of visiting and lazing about. But in fact no, we were indoors for nine hours in an amphitheater with several hundred other conference-goers for the first day of the Gamification World Congress, and guess what… We didn’t regret it for a second. The first day  focused on a variety of presentations about using gamification in areas as different as CRM, education, sports, etc. Here’s a quick overview of the presentations we sat in on.

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A Step in the right direction

Outside of business and education, one of the most popular and effective uses of gamification is in health and fitness. Seems you can’t go near social media these days without reading how far some keeno has ran, cycled, or swam on Strava or Fitbit, much to the eternal annoyance of all non-runners and outright couch potatoes. And it’s partly the popularity of such apps which lead to the creation of Step Jockey which aims to increase people’s fitness by gamifying the use of stairs (as opposed to lifts and escalators) and other potential forms of exercise in the work environment.

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Gamification and heritage

While France remains the world’s leading tourist destination, it should not be forgotten that the attraction has to be developed to stay one step ahead in the sector.

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Advergames : a loud reality

“Bread and games”: in the 21st century, companies are very familiar with the famous maxim of the Roman emperors. Faced with the rise of ad blockers and a public that has become allergic to advertising, companies are counting on gamification to attract consumers. In this area, Milka Biscuits has become a case study. Even though the company had the advantage of the reputation of its brand of chocolate, with its emblematic purple-and-white cow, it lagged in fifth position in the biscuit market in France since its launch in 2012.

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Serious games help beating the Big C

Cancer Research UK used serious gaming to great success to help analyse research results using the public as a resource to help the charity plough through a serious amount of clinical data… It seems like a bit of a crunching of the gears to put games next to crucial research into life threatening diseases, doesn’t it? Especially, you know…the Big C. And yet, providing further evidence of the adaptability of the application of serious games, Cancer Research has been doing exactly that and has been very satisfied with the results. The fight against cancer involves crunching huge amounts of data and research results, with simply not enough resource available. So the charity turned to serious gaming to get the UK public involved in crunching the numbers.

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