Fidotrack launches call centre leaderboard app

FidoTrack Gamification has announced the release of FidoTrack Leaderboard available in the Amazon App Store for FireTV.

FidoTrack Leaderboard is a simple light-weight application that allows for cost-effective leaderboard presentation without bulky or expensive hardware.

A Call Centre’s ability to spike performance with manual contests are difficult to manage, lack scalability and rarely change behaviour beyond the period of the contest. Also, the Whiteboard often used to represent the Contest Leaderboard lacks transparency, fun and real time results. To solve this problem, Call Centre Gamification Software provider FidoTrack has expanded its product offering to help Call Centre Leaders drive sustainable revenue growth through a dynamic Leaderboard via the Amazon App Store.

FidoTrack’s new feature allows Call Centre leaders to create head to head contents, team versus team or location versus location within seconds and run it across their entire Organisation.

The new capabilities, which turn highly manual contests into a thing of the past, include:

  •     Real-time results across all Monitors.
  •     Personalised Profile Pictures displayed of agents which can be modified easily to include filters and stickers earned through achievement.
  •     A Burst Page to highlight an extraordinary achievement by an Agent.
  •     Start Contests on the fly, launch within minutes, award Virtual or Real goods.
  •     Have multiple contests running at the same time with ease.

As a result, Call Centre leaders now have a new way to run Contests. They also will not only be changing behaviour in the short term but when coupled with the other game mechanics of FidoTrack it will change behaviour permanently, and, consequently, generate immediate ROI.

“One of the most significant investments Call Centre leaders make today is their Agent Workforce. However, of equal significance is their Agent Activity and Call Productivity technology – FidoTrack drives the return on both,” said Brett Brosseau, CEO of FidoTrack. “Modern Call Centre leaders use our Gamification Software to make Speech Analytics, CRM data, and Telephony data actionable. By making this data actionable Call Centres realise a tremendous increase in agent engagement which spurns real long-term behaviour improvement in areas that align with a Company’s goal.”