Gamelearn launches leadership trainer

Spanish developer Gamelearn’s latest serious gaming project Pacific, is aimed at enhancing leadership skills through an imaginary survival scenario.

Pacific is Gamelearn’s third serious game – the first one was Merchants, which taught negotiating skills, and then in 2013 Triskelion, a time management game.

Pacific is a serious game in which the user must lead a team to survive and make it off an island that they are trapped on. Users play a survival adventure while learning and practicing lessons about the reality of teams, leadership, motivation, conflict resolution, delegation and empowerment.

Through efficient learning and completion rates close to 100%, Pacific is designed to show that leadership or team management are skills that can be trained, improved and developed in an effective and actual way. In this manner, it becomes a practical manual, step by step, on how to manage and lead high performance teams.

The firm has spent more than a year and €2m on content creation, the design of a simulator and the development of gamification techniques. The game features 3D modeling and HTML5 language, and is compatible with any device: PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone. It is available in English, French and German.

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