Lumosity adds new insights

Lumos Labs, creator of brain training game Lumosity, has launched cognitive Insights that analyse an individuals gameplay trends and patterns.

With over four billion games played by its 85 million registered users, the company is leveraging this data to provide its subscribers with analyses of both their individual cognitive patterns and how they compare to other users. This first launch includes Insights on game strengths, monthly gains and drops, and average speed versus accuracy performance.

“Lumosity has become synonymous with brain training, but our goal is to go beyond brain training and develop engaging, motivating and personalized experiences that let our users learn more about themselves,” said Steve Berkowitz, CEO of Lumosity. “With over 4 billion games played across nearly a decade, we are uniquely positioned to provide our users with a deeper understanding of both their training and performance.”

The company developed Insights in response to customer feedback from thousands of App Store and Google Play reviews, as well as customer support emails seeking better ways to track their progress. After conducting a combination of in-person user testing and in-product testing for select users, Lumosity designed Insights to offer a personalised and actionable game performance analysis. Subscribers receive insights into their game strengths after eight gameplays, monthly gains and drops after 25 gameplays, and speed versus accuracy performance after 10 Ebb and Flow gameplays.